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Autumn leaves when the grass is jewelled...

Autumn leaves

And the silk inside a chestnut shell

Jetplanes in the air to be refuelled

All these things I love so well

So I mustn't forget

No, I mustn't forget

To say a great big

Thank  You

I mustn't forget...

These are the first words of a song so familiar to me - one that we would sing in the morning Assembly at Carleton Primary School. And how I often think of these words when Autumn is here upon us. In all it's glory. The crunch of rustic leaves under our feet. The crisp, yet misty mornings so full of atmosphere. Even photography cannot capture the joy that is around us at this time of year. I love this photograph taken on a walk along the Pennine Way footpath, from Bank Newton to Gargrave.

Morning mist

And the fun of autumn leaves. Childhood play and a chance for new artistic creations. The photograph at the top of the page shows the little leaf painting that Emma did at playgroup last week. Definitely one for the scrap book and one to make us smile, and to reflect again on how much toddlers change in a year.

Looking back on photographs from October last year, the discovering of Autumn leaves was a memorable time for us all.

Autumn leaves

And then to October this year, we delight in seeing our toddler (now definitely a little girl) enjoy exploring 'all by herself'.


What better time of year to do so, than Autumn? For leaves become a new and exciting point of interest. As the colour of the trees change there is chance to savour these moments before all the leaves melt away, as if by magic. For it won't be long before the trees are laid bare and "Winter" is here upon us. Let us enjoy the Autumn leaves to the full in all their glory before then.

The changing seasons provide us with a reminder to pause and reflect as we move on to the next chapter, the next season in our lives. A moment to enjoy today and all that is within it, before tomorrow arrives. So let's enjoy and celebrate Autumn in all its fullness and if we can, spend some time in the great outdoors. It'll be sure to lift our spirits.