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Don't miss Skipton Castle Woods

Skipton Castle Woods

Skipton Castle Woods is a captivating place that we have loved spending time in this autumn. It is so close to the top of town and accessible from it, that it's quite possible to combine a visit to the High Street's Eateries with a walk in the woods.

Autumn has been a wonderful time to visit. The falling leaves and rustic colours provided a kaleidoscope of colour and great atmosphere.

On the day that we visited with our family, we really loved discovering the setting of the woods - seeing the little waterfalls on the pathway from town (off the bridge opposite Stanforth's Butchers and near the Castle Inn).

At one point a lady told me about the Kingfisher she had spotted on the lake there, and we stood awhile to see it we would see the trademark 'flash of blue' these birds are known for.

We find woodlands are great for young families because there are things to find and pick up, and ready-made hideouts for the age-old game of 'hide and seek' that is a firm favourite on family outings.

So if you're visiting Skipton and like to take a stroll, or plan a longer walk through the area, do take in some of the Castle Woods. You won't be disappointed and perhaps you'll return with your own stories of what made it a special outing for you.

Parking is available in the Car Park behind the Town Hall, or you may be fortunate to gain a parking space on Water Street - not far from the start of the walk.