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Coronavirus information

The safety of our staff and customers is our top priority. We have been working hard to ensure that how we re-open is Covid-19 secure and helps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

We have introduced a number of safety measures to help our visitors feel safe whilst staying at Newton Grange Farm. We hope that they give you confidence to proceed with your existing booking or make a new booking. We are all learning and adapting to the new environment that the pandemic brings.

Arrival Procedures

  • Each holiday cottage is fully self-contained with a separate entrance.
  • Comprehensive arrival information will be sent out by e-mail to guests in advance of their stay, detailing how to find and gain access to your cottage safely. Where guests do not have an e-mail address information will be sent in the post.
  • Guests will be provided with telephone numbers to contact us with any queries before their stay.
  • Cottages will be available from 5pm on the day of arrival (not the usual time of 4pm). This is to allow sufficient time for our housekeeping teams to rigorously following all the steps in our Cleaning Protocols. Please advise us if you are going to be arriving particularly late in the evening.
  • If guests wish to telephone us on their arrival day to find out if an earlier check-in is possible, please do so.
  • Please only arrange for doorstep food deliveries at a time of day that coincides with your occupation of the property, and not before. We are not able to receive or handle groceries delivered to cottages on your behalf.
  • Guests are asked to wash their hands on arrival to the property.

During your stay

  • Rather than our usual face-to-face welcome after you have arrived and settled in to your cottage, we will aim to call you on the telephone to check if all is well. We would encourage you also to ring us at a convenient moment after you have unpacked, to let us know if all is well and if you have any questions.
  • We will still continue to offer the friendly, personal service that we are known for, but at a safe 2m distance.
  • Additional checks will be made in your property before they are signed-off as ready for incoming guests, so as to minimise the need for our Housekeeping Team to enter your cottage at any time during your stay. We will endeavour to provide additional information to you by e-mail before your arrival on how to operate various things in the cottages -- such as showers, extractor fans, television, the cooker, boilers and so on.
  • You are also most welcome to ring us with any queries during your stay also.
  • Our Housekeeping Team/Trades people will only be allowed in to the property in an emergency. If this happens, they will seek to address matters in the property whilst you are out and will be asked to wear masks. If you cannot be out, we kindly ask that you move in to a different room so as to keep a safe distance and minimise contact/transmission risks.
  • As always, we ask that any repairs or damaged items are reported to us immediately by telephone/e-mail. Spares of equipment can be delivered to your doorstep by our team following distancing guidelines.

Changes to cottages

  • As a precautionary measure in our re-opening preparations we are removing the following items from cottages:
    • All scatter cushions on living room furniture and in bedrooms
    • All bedroom throws
    • Books, magazines, leaflets and games
  • We are also initially removing a number of items from the cottages, which would normally be part of our standard inventories, but which will be offered to guests on a request-only basis, in the same way that guests with young families order cots and high chairs in advance. This will enable the items to be sanitised for you ahead of your stay and removed from the property and sanitised at the end of your stay also. These items are likely to include:
    • Spare pillows
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • CD player
    • Walking and cycling books
    • Welcome Folder*
    • Walking and Cycling Folder*
    • Instruction Manuals for various items*

*We aim to provide these items in electronic format to our guests.

  • Fire Safety information and other information such as essential contact telephone numbers and Wi-Fi codes will be provided in laminated format in the cottages.
  • We ask that guests bring with them their particular cleaning materials of choice.
  • We provide liquid soap in every sink and washing up liquid in the kitchen.
  • We will provide a wall-mounted bottle of hand sanitiser in each cottage and a bottle of anti-bacterial spray. Guests are asked to leave any remaining supplies in the cottage after their stay.

External and Communal Facilities

  • Initially (and we are keeping this under review in the first few weeks of re-opening) the communal Wash House facility with washing machines and tumble driers will only be for the use of our Housekeeping and Management Team. We are looking at ways of opening this up to guests again safely and the procedures we need in place to ensure the safe use of communal washing machines and driers.
  • An airing rack is provided in your cottage for your use and items may be hand washed in the properties. We are encouraging this in the first instance rather than using the communal supply of pegs and shared Whirligig facility for external drying of laundry.
  • The Activity Hut will remain closed to guests initially. Unfortunately, we do not feel that we can sufficiently monitor potential transmission risks between guests staying in different properties.
  • Should you require access to the additional seating/deck chairs usually available therein, please do let us know ahead of time or with a phone call during your stay. They can then be prepared for your use, within your cottage/patio space, and returned to us at the end of your stay.
  • The secure Cycle Storage facility will initially remain closed, however we have set up alternative provision, enabling bicycles to be locked to external racks.

Site Management, Behaviour and Cottage Occupation

  • As always, we ask that guests act responsibly and courteously around the farm and cottages.
  • Children must be supervised at all times inside and outside of the property. Parents are expected to supervise their children and children are asked not to run or play games in front of the external spaces of cottages that they are not occupying.
  • Please remember that this is a working farm with associated vehicle movements around the farm yard/visitor parking areas.
  • Gates should not be left open anywhere on the farm and particular care taken to close the wrought iron gates between the field immediately in front of the cottages, whether or not there are sheep and lambs in the field at the time.
  • Please do not move the wooden outside furniture to different locations on the patio areas. The benches in front of Mickleber and Turnbers cottages are to remain there, likewise those on the rear patio in front of Mickleber and Hulber cottage windows. This is important to maintain social distancing across the site for different visitors in different cottages. It is also important, in the case of a guest booking multiple cottages, that the prevailing Government Guidance at the time is strictly followed and adhered to, ie. No large gatherings. At the time of writing, this is a maximum of 6 people congregating outdoors, and no more than 2 households mixing inside at one time.
  • We also ask that, should more than one cottage be booked, that crockery and cutlery is not mixed between the cottages and care is taken regarding this to ensure that when you check out you hand your cottage back to us as you found it.
  • All our premises are non-smoking throughout and this includes the balcony area of Nuttleber Cottage, where smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • All our holiday cottages are strictly pet-free with exception to the Hermitage, where one dog is permitted.
  • Music should not be played outside of the cottages so as not to disturb other guests.
  • Under no circumstances must guest numbers (adults or children) exceed the maximum numbers for each cottage. These being:
    • Newton Cottage -- 2 people (+1 cot)
    • The Hermitage -- 2 people (+1 cot)
    • Turnbers Cottage -- 4 people (+1 cot)
    • Hulber Cottage -- 4 people (+1 cot)
    • Nuttleber Cottage -- 6 people (+1 cot)
    • Mickleber Cottage -- 6 people (+1 cot)

If the Management Team becomes aware that cottage occupants are exceeding these limits, cottage guests will be asked to leave the site.

Cleaning Protocols

  • We have adapted our Cleaning Protocols to broadly follow those prepared by the Professional Association of Self Caterers.
  • Additional time has been allocated in the rota for thorough cleaning of the accommodation. For this reason we have made some adjustments to check-in/check-out timings. We have also added in some alternative arrival days on our booking calendar and will keep this under review.
  • All staff members will wear personal protective equipment including gloves during cleaning.
  • In the event of a confirmed Covid-19 case in your cottage, full deep cleaning protocols will be followed in line with Government Guidance.

Departure Procedures

  • On the day of departure guests will be asked to vacate by 9am if possible and strictly by 9.30am at the latest (rather than the usual 10am check-out time advertised). If guests foresee difficulties in achieving this they are kindly asked to telephone us in advance. We ask that the need for our Housekeepers to commence cottage servicing on time is respected, particularly in light of the stringent Cleaning Protocols that we are following.
  • Keys to the property should be left in the back of the door on departure and a telephone call made to the property owners to notify them of your departure.
  • Where new guests are arriving to a cottage on the same day as a check-out, the incoming guests will be provided with a different set of keys to those used by the departing guests
  • Keys of departing guests will be disinfected after every stay.
  • As always, guests are asked to remove all waste from the property at the end of their stay from every waste bin in the property. Waste is to be bagged and tied and disposed of in our waste bins outside the property. A complimentary supply of bin liners is provided in the cottage for this purpose. We are also supplying gloves for your use when touching the external waste facility and kindly ask that they are immediately disposed of. However, we would also encourage you to bring your own gloves or other waste disposal materials that you feel comfortable using.
  • Additionally, guests are asked to take off all bed linen from beds in the property before they depart -- pillowcases, bed sheets and duvet covers. Please minimise shaking of bed linen when you do so. Bed linen is to be placed into Laundry Bags provided at the commencement of your stay. This linen is laundered off site by an external supplier and so should not be mixed up with mattress protection.
  • Mattress protectors should not be removed by guests but left in situ ready for our Housekeeping team to remove and launder. This will be done at every changeover using our Wash House facility and full wash cycles.
  • All white hand and bath towels in the property should be collected by guests and put in to one single location in the property (the principle bath/shower area). This is to assist our Housekeeping team when they enter the property and remove all bed linen/towels from it as expeditiously and safely as possible upon entry.
  • All tea towels, oven gloves and coloured hand towels should be left in a single place in the kitchen area.
  • As always, guests are asked to wash up, dry up and put away all crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils utilised during their stay.
  • Guests are asked to wash their hands thoroughly, and sanitise, as the last thing that they do before departure.
  • A summary of these check-out procedures will be available for guests to read in the cottage in laminated format.

In the event of ill health

  • You will be notified by telephone in advance of your stay if there has been a Covid-19 positive case confirmed at Newton Grange Farm to explain what has happened, how the risks of transmission are being managed here, if we are still able to offer the cottage to you, and to check if you are still happy to travel

Before your stay

  • Guests should only leave home and travel for a stay at Newton Grange Farm if they are all fit and well on the day.
  • Guests are asked not to travel if they are feeling unwell with Covid-19 symptoms on their day of departure, or are still within a 14-day self-isolation period after testing positive for Covid-19
  • If a cottage has been booked and paid for by a guest who finds that they are not able to travel a few days' before due to their own ill health/Covid-19 related symptoms - and the proprietor is still able to provide the accommodation to them (in line with prevailing Government Guidance and Legislation at the time) - the guest is not entitled to a refund but may be able to claim on any travel insurance that they have for the cost of the holiday that they have been unable to redeem.
  • In this situation, the guest may opt to transfer their stay to an alternative party that they know, who is fit and able to travel at that time and wishes to stay in the cottage on their behalf. This is at the discretion of Management and would require full contact details to be supplied in advance of incoming guests and the numbers occupying the cottage.

During your stay

  • If a guest becomes ill in your cottage with suspected Covid-19 during your stay at Newton Grange Farm, you are asked to follow Government Guidance, report your symptoms and request a test immediately.
  • Where a test returns as positive for Covid-19, if guests are well enough to travel home in their own private vehicle they may do so, as stated in Government guidance. If urgent medical attention is required, this should be sought locally and the guest should not travel home until they are well.
  • We kindly ask that you notify us by telephone/email if you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms, have requested a test and are self-isolating. Please also advise us if you have a confirmed Covid-19 case whilst staying with us.
  • If you are not able to depart from the cottage here on your scheduled day of departure because of this, please ring us to discuss how much longer you may need to book the cottage for. We will do all we reasonably can to meet this request. You will be liable to pay for the full cost of the stay. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or by debit/credit card (via a secure email link). Cash is not accepted.
  • In the event that there are no immediate forward bookings in the cottage, you will be charged on a pro rata basis for the number of extra days that you stay.
  • If there are forward bookings in the cottage that have to be cancelled to enable you to extend your stay, we will first endeavour to relocate those guests in to alternative accommodation on site (if it is available and satisfies the requirements of the incoming guests).
  • If we have no alternative accommodation available for them, or it does not satisfy their requirements, you will be liable for the full cost of their cancelled booking. You may then stay for the duration, even if you are well enough to return home ahead of time.

Cancellations and Refunds

If we cancel

  • If we have to cancel your cottage reservation in the event of Government restrictions locking down our area, prohibiting self-catering accommodation from remaining open, or if our business needs to temporarily close due to a Covid-19 outbreak, you will be entitled to a full refund or voucher to the same value as your stay. Vouchers would be redeemable against a future stay in our cottages to be taken before 31 December 2021.
  • If we have to cancel your cottage reservation because a guest who has been occupying the same property is required to extend their stay due to ill health and Government guidance on Covid-19 testing and managing this situation, we would operate the following policy:
    • Notify you by telephone
    • Offer you alternative accommodation on our site, that matches your party size, which you may choose to accept or reject if it does not meet your requirements
    • No extra charges will be made for a transfer to a different cottage whether it is an upgrade or not
    • If a smaller cottage is available for you that you would accept as an alternative but is usually offered at a lower price to that you have paid, you will be offered a partial refund such that you are only liable to pay the cost of the cottage you occupy and no more
    • If you choose to decline the offer of alternative accommodation, or such accommodation is not available, you are entitled to a full refund of all monies paid or a voucher for a future stay of the same value to be taken before 31 December 2021

If you cancel

  • Guests are encouraged to take out travel insurance when booking in the event of a need to cancel self-catering accommodation due to their own ill health
  • Our usual cancellation terms set out in our Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
  • On booking your deposit is non-refundable and once the final balance for your holiday cottage has been paid, it is also non-refundable. The only exception to this is where Government restrictions lock down travel or order that self-catering accommodation closes. In this scenario you are entitled to a full refund or a voucher of the same value as your stay, which would be given for a future stay to be taken by/before 31 December 2021.

In light of the changing circumstances in the Covid-19 pandemic, the Management will continue to exercise discretion on cancelled/amended bookings on a case-by case basis. We will seek to accommodate requests to transfer bookings to different dates, where we are given sufficient notice to do so and guests would prefer to travel further in to the future than their existing bookings.

It is our sincere hope that we can work together with you to be able to re-open our holiday cottages safely and welcome back guests to stay. We thank you for your understanding in the variations to our procedures that we are adopting. We cannot wait to see you soon.

As ever, please do ring us with any queries relating to your booking. Our telephone number is 01756 748140.

Date: 30th June 2020

Current Status

We are really pleased to be opening our holiday cottages again from 4th July 2020.

We kindly ask that all guests with existing and forward bookings read through our updated policies and confirm that they are happy with them.

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